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The Lao Veterans of America

The Lao Veterans of America, Inc. (LVA) is a Laotian- and Hmong-American non-profit, non-governmental veterans' organization (NGO) that represents many of those who served in Laos in support of the defense of the Royal Kingdom of Laos and U.S. national security interests during the Vietnam War from 1961-1975.

Members of the LVA include those surviving Lao- and Hmong-American soldiers and airmen who served in the "U.S. Secret Army" in Laos during the Vietnam War in both ground and air units, including:  Group Mobile (GM) troops; Special Guerrilla Unit (SGU) soldiers; Auto-Defense Forces (ADC) defense units and militia forces; U.S. Air Force "Ravens"  and Air America air force support groups, aircrews and pilots;  and, special forces units and troops of the Royal Lao Army (RLA). 

The LVA also includes the family members of the veterans and currently represents some 55,000 Laotian- and Hmong-American veterans, and  family members, across the United States.

Since 1993, the Lao Veterans of America has projected an important and strong voice for the Lao- and Hmong-American community in Washington, D.C. on a variety of public affairs issues including:  veterans, national security, international relations, human rights, refugees, humanitarian, and other matters.

The LVA enjoys support from the Laotian and Hmong-American community across the United States including:  California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts,  South Carolina, Kansas, Arkansas, Alaska, Hawaii, Alabama, Ohio, Connecticut, Nebraska, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Virginia, Vermont, Maryland, Massachusetts,  Montana, Washington, Nevada, Texas, and many other states.


Follow us on Twitter:  @laoveterans